For a number of months now, the Executive Committee has brought up at monthly meetings the subject of two of our facility venues utilized for centerfire pistol shooting and the need for changes.  We are talking about the 21 foot Outdoor Personal Protection Range and the 50 foot Indoor Range.

Both of these ranges need additional modifications for centerfire pistol shooting.  In today’s world, we need to continually evaluate the safety of our ranges and plan for improvements.

We believe the outdoor range can be addressed first, with appropriate modifications that will not be a major draw on our funds.

We also believe that a long term plan for the modifications necessary at the indoor range needs to be established, including how to fund these changes.  Some of these changes may be done quickly, whereas others will be implemented over time as funding will dictate that action.

The members of the Executive Committee are volunteers and have a full plate with the running of the current activities and administrative requirements that are critical to the Club.  We need other members to step up to help with this planning for two of our centerfire pistol venues. 

If we cannot get assistance from other club members, the Executive Committee will be forced to alter or restrict centerfire pistol shooting in these venues.

Please contact Ted Derivan, President, to advise him of your interest to helping in this critical area.  Ted can be reached by email at or by phone at (207) 790-0171.