Rule Changes - Please Read

Dear Members,

We have updated the rules for use of the outdoor ranges for changes made over the years.  The revised rules are posted here on the website.

A summary of some of the basic updates is as follows:

-People shooting shotguns are to shoot steel shot only.  However, you can use slugs when target practicing from the bench house.

-The automated trap machine is limited to organized Club events.

-The new gate should be closed behind you after entering and leaving the Club property except when Club organized events are taking place.

-The following artillery type rounds are prohibited: 500BMG, 416 Barrett, 408 Cheytac.

-We re-articulate the rule that uncased or unholstered firearms should have actions open and be unloaded unless at the firing line and actually shooting (the actions on unloaded double barrel shotguns can be closed while sitting in the gunrack during trap shooting).

-People wanting to use the indoor range need to go through a separate orientation of the indoor range.


Executive Committee