September Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by the President. There were 26 members present.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the prior meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer reported there was $8,964 in a checking account; $15,590 in a savings account; and $6,754 in a certificate of deposit. No new expenditures were discussed. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted by the members.

Match Results: Sandra Crehore as Director for the Ben Crehore single shot competition reported on the results: 22 people participated in the match which many were from out of state. The income from the match was $648.58, and the expenses were $546.58. Expenses were slightly higher because supplies for future matches were preordered this year. Special thanks were given to Orland, Ray Kimball, Lloyd Roberts, Susan Hartford, Bill Ball and Wren Berg for helping to make the weekend a success. Lloyd proceeded to explain the different options for shooting during the single shot competition and encouraged people to come next year and give it a try.

Orland reported that the 200 and 300 yard Benchrest State Championship are scheduled for October 1st and 2nd at the Club. There is a lobster and clambake afterwards. Anyone can come to the clambake even if they are not participating in the competition. The cost of the dinner is $24.00.

Robin Mayer appeared as a guest at the Club and asked for the members’ individual support for her in the election in November.

On August 12th, a new gate was installed by David Stackhouse and several members. The gate will be completed once the solar power unit arrives.

Glen introduced three new potential members for consideration at the Club. The Club further agreed to approved three new members.

David Hungerford reviewed the status of the fund raiser for the Land Conservation Corporation. The plan is for him to follow up in November with any people that have not responded and to continue a fund raising effort next year.

Ted Derivan put out to the members that if they have any projects they would like to see as a priority for the Club, those request or suggestions would be appreciated. It was important to get new ideas now so that they could be incorporated into the budget for next year.

On motion made and seconded, the meeting was adjourned.