Front Gate

On Friday, August 12 the new front gate was installed at the club. Check out the pictures below. It was a full morning of work, but without incident, the gate was installed and we now have a great new level of security at the club for all our members. Remember, the combination is the same as the old chain lock, so you can still access the club as you always have. The new gate has been installed further into the driveway to make it easier for all of us to get in and out of the club, while having safely pulled off the main road, ensuring that our entire car is on the driveway before we get out to access the gate.

  • Bob Brown
  • Bill Ball
  • Orland Bunker
  • Dave Stackhouse
  • Ross McKinnon
  • Peter McCrea

These are the guys who who came out on a very hot Friday morning to help get the gate installed! If you see them around, be sure to thank them for the efforts they put in. Without such a great turnout, the gate would not have been installed as quickly and easily as it was. This was, the club was open again by Friday afternoon.