UPDATE: New Front Gate

Our new front gate is almost finished being constructed! Check out the pictures below. This new gate will also have the magnetic key card locks, streamlining the access and organizations of the club.

We are very excited by the progress of the construction, and plan to install the gate on Friday, August 12th. Our intention is to begin the installation early and be done by around noon, but that time may extend if there are unforeseen complications with the installation.

As such, the club will be closed for shooting, and general access, while the gate is being installed, so please plan accordingly.

UPDATE: Once installed, the gate will have the magnetic card lock AS WELL AS a digital keypad. If you do not have a magnetic card, enter the current gate code into the keypad to unlock the front gate. This system of access will remain active until April 1st of 2017. At that time, and not before, the keypad will be deactivated and only the magnetic card will be able to unlock the front gate.