Ladies Practice Pistol Proficiency

On Wednesday, July 20th, Richard (Beau) Beausoleil graciously gave him time to join us at the Personal Protection Range for an informal pistol technique workshop. 

All I can say is wow, we had an incredible time!  It was inspiring, fun, and we all learned a ton.  (Did I mention that we laughed a lot?)

I will be posting the notes I took, full of his tips and techniques for improving your skills by learning how to correctly practice when you head to the range. He also had some fantastic suggestions on ways to practice at home when you can't get to the range. 

And I have to tell you, it was fantastic to see 15 smart, strong women of all skill levels on the range together with their guns!!  It made me smile from ear to ear!

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 2nd for our monthly meeting and clean-along workshop. We start at 6:30, but you can always come early and take advantage of the outdoor range and our beautiful Maine weather!  All are welcome, even if you've never joined us before. Feel free to bring a friend or come as you are!

See you at the range!