Vintage Rifle Team Match Results

Saturday May 7. Another day of gray skies didn't seem to bother the 14 riflemen who turned out for our very competitive Vintage Rifle Team Match. Seven teams firing as-issued, vintage military rifles which included four U.S made 30-06 Springfield 03-A3's (1903); a 7.62MM Russian Mosin-Nagant (1882); a Chilean 7MM Mauser (1895); a Swiss 7.5x55MM K-31 (1931); a 30-40 Krag-Jorgensen and our country's WW II battle rifle a 30-06 M1 Garand (1936).

The match was fired at 200 yards. All of the competing rifles were equipped with iron (non- telescopic) sights as they were when originally issued.

Only three points separated the winning team of John Chamberlain and Josh Ellis from the second place finishers, Rich Parrino and Karl Richards. But Rich and Karl did not walk away empty handed, the two captured first place in the category of team with combined age over 130. The remaining five teams finished bunched up within 9 points of each other and only 20 points behind the leaders.