LCRC's First Ladies Meeting on Feb. 2nd Summary

On February 2nd, Vic Hamilton hosted the first Ladies Meeting at LCRC. The meeting was a great success, and Vic sums it up in this message.

What a night!

We had a great time at LCRC's first ever ladies only meeting!  Thanks to all who came and shared their thoughts, experiences and ideas.  Everyone there had a fascinating story to tell, and it was so exciting to have such a wide range of ages, skill levels, and interests represented.

My biggest take away was that there are a lot of ladies out there, both members and non-members, looking for opportunities to connect, learn, teach, and enjoy activities at the club.  Many attendees expressed an interest in skeet shooting, participating in classes, and coordinating informal times together to simply meet up with other women at the range to get some practice in.

If you did not (or were not able to) attend but are interested in learning more or sharing your own experiences and ideas, please drop me an email and I'll add you to the mailing list.

It was a great first step to what is sure to be an exciting addition to the LCRC!

Vic (Victoria) Hamilton