November Meeting Minutes


November 14, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Ted Derivan at 7:00 PM. There were 26 members present.

Secretary’s Report: It was approved as read

Treasurer’s Report: It was accepted and filed for audit.

Communications:  The club received the monthly NRA and NSSF publications.

Match results: On 10/22 there was a 50/50 22 match with six shooters. There was also an air rifle pistol match on 10/30. We had a sight in day that was open to the public.  On 10/15 the range was closed for police qualifying by the LCSO.

Upcoming Matches: Om 11/20 there will be an air rifle and pistol match. Postal Matches need to be signed up for attendance. See Ross McKinnon. On 11/20 there will be a 22 fun shoot. Wednesday night 22 matches are ongoing the cost is $6.00.Our Ladies group met in November and ended their year and will start up again in January. On 12/3 there will be an NRA class at the club see calendar for details.

New Applications: We had three new applications.

New members voted in: The club voted in seven new members.

New Business: A motion was made to install a heater in the club house at no more than $1500.00. It was approved 23 votes YAY 3 votes NAY.

Old Business: The new gate was discussed there were some problems at first but seems to be working fine now. The use of the correct size targets was discussed when using the indoor range.

Adjourn: 7:32PM