Traps Wrap Up for 2016

The 2016 Trap season was scheduled to come to a close on 9/29, but with the last rays of daylight, we were able to squeeze out a couple more weeks into October.

But now, the trap season has officially concluded with 391 rounds of trap shot since the beginning of the season in May.  A round of trap is comprised of five shooters, each firing twenty-five shots at clay targets launched on random trajectories. A perfect score is obtained when a shooter breaks all twenty-five clay targets.

This season, two members were singled out in appreciation for their participation and shooting ability. Bill Chapman and Mike Cushing shot in 61 and 58 rounds respectively breaking an average of 19.5 and 19.1 targets per round! Nice shooting!

Thanks to all of our participating members who pitched in to make 2016 a fun, safe and very enjoyable trap season. 

For information concerning the LCRC trap shooting program, please contact either Dave Hanson or Ross MacKinnon.

See you next May!

Dave Hanson