The Lincoln County Rifle Club is a member of the International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association (IHMSA). Silhouette shoots originated out west and are meant to simulate hunting. Matches are shot with big bore pistols at long ranges. The targets are: chickens at 50 meters, Javalena (pigs) at 100 meters, turkeys at 150 meters, and rams at 200 meters. Silhouette targets are made of heavy gauge steel and have to be knocked down for a score to be earned. Each round consists of 10 shots at each target, 40 shots in all.

Most competitors shoot .357 or larger calibers, and many shoot single shot break action pistols in calibers like 30-30. There are classes for “Production”, which is a gun you can buy off the shelf, and “Unlimited”, which is just what it sounds like. These are challenging and fun shoots!

See the IHMSA website for regional and national matches. Bob Renton is the IHMSA liaison and match organizer for our Club. The Club is hosting one silhouette match this year which is preceded by a work day on August 23. Work days are always scheduled the day before a match to ready the facilities and set up targets — with some incidental practice.



Arnold Haley

Firearms Used

Pistols and rifles are restricted to .177 caliber.


Indoor Range