Becoming a Member

Members of the Lincoln County Rifle Club (LCRC) enjoy unlimited access to the Club’s shooting ranges and facilities, training and marksmanship events, and the opportunity to enjoy shooting sports with others who share their interests. Membership in the Club is both a privilege and a responsibility.

How to Apply for membership

All prospective members must complete an Application for Membership. You may do this online by clicking on Online Membership Application and following the instructions or you may download an application by clicking on Membership Application PDF, print it out and submit the application along with a check for the $20 application fee to Lincoln County Rifle Club, PO Box 826, Damariscotta, ME 04543. All applicants are encouraged to read more about the New Member Application Process before submitting their application.

Applying for Reinstatement

If you have allowed your membership to lapse for more than one calendar year, you may apply for reinstatement by downloading the Reinstatement Application PDF. Simply print out the downloaded application and submit it along with the required application. Please read the instructions found in Reinstatement Application Process before submitting your application.


Individual MEmbership

Dues for an individual member are $80 per year. For those joining prior to March 31, 2019, dues are payable Jan 1st of each year. For new members joining after March 31, 2019, your membership will renew each year on the date you joined the Club. All members will receive advance notice of of their renewal. If dues are not paid in 45 days from the due date, the member’s key card is deactivated and the member is no longer entitled to use the Club's facilities. Members who are lapsed for more than a year, are dropped from membership and can reapply through the Reinstatement Process.

There are no paid staff at the Lincoln County Rifle Club. Membership fees are used to pay overhead, maintain the facilities, pay for insurances, subscriptions and memberships in associations that support the goals of the club.

Family membership

A Family Membership is available to two (2) people who reside at the same address.  The combination of 2 people can be a spouse, a partner, a parent, or a child 18 years of age or older. If each person is already a current member in good standing, then they can take advantage of the family rate, which is $120 — $80 for the first member, and ½ that ($40) for the 2nd member.

If one is not currently a member, then that person must submit an application/fee, be presented at a monthly meeting, take the Outdoor Range Safety Orientation, and be voted into membership.  The rate for this additional person in a family membership will be ½ of the normal fee as outlined above.

If neither are current members, then both must submit an application/fee, be presented at a monthly meeting, take the Outdoor Range Safety Orientation, and be voted into membership.  The rate for the additional person in a family membership will be ½ of the normal fee as outlined above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to become a member?

There is a non-refundable $20 application fee. Membership dues are shown above for the current year.   In addition all new members must pay a one-time $10 accessl key card fee. This card becomes your permanent membership card and will remain active as long as current dues are paid.

Is the Lincoln County Rifle Club open to the public?

The Lincoln County Rifle Club is a member only organization.  Members in good standing are entitled to use the Club facilities and property as defined in the Bylaws.  Range certification is required for all members before being allowed to use the range facilities. For safety, insurance and liability reasons, the range is not open to the general public except for certain events. The Club has a history of opening to the public all Open Activities that are scheduled on the Club’s calendar.  Some activities carry fees such as Matches, but are kept low to encourage participation. Whereas other activities, such as Ladies Day, Sight-in Day, and Open House, carry no fees. Community Specific Activities are restricted to the group involved, such as the National Audubon Society and Local and County Law Enforcement personnel qualifications.

Are there fees for members to bring guests to the range?

No. However, members are responsible for their guests. This responsibility includes making sure that guests are familiar with and follow LCRC range rules, use safe firearms handling procedures, abide by range safety procedures, have proper eye and ear protection and that members are with their guests at all times. The number of guests with a member must be limited to their ability to safety supervise their shooting.

Are there seasonal memberships available for summer residents?

No. After careful consideration, we have determined that because our regular membership fees are reasonable and the bulk of shooting events are during the warmer months, any such membership distinction would not be fair to the existing membership base nor would the increased administrative load be warranted on our all-volunteer staff.