Front Gate Q & A


UPDATE: July 2017

We have done some additional work on the front gate. A different striker plate was installed, the binding experienced when opening was corrected and the time out after setting the code was extended to 10 seconds. We appreciate everybody's patience since this was a one off design and some refinement was required after installation.

After I insert the code for the front gate, I can’t hear the latch unlock or pop open. What am I doing wrong?

After inserting the code the green light will momentarily illuminate and the latch will be deactivated but there will be no sound or movement of the lock mechanism. Before the lock times out you most push open the gate. There will be some slight resistance because of a tight fit between the gate and post but is easily overcome. It may require you to slightly lift the gate and push open.

How long do you have before the gate re-locks after entering the code?

After entering the code, the green light will flash on and off, altering you that the code was accepted and the gate is unlatched. You have 5 seconds before the latch will lock again, indicated by a red light flashing on then off. It is during those 5 seconds that you must push the gate open to enter. It is important to remember that the green light indicating that the gate is unlocked does not remain lit while the gate is unlatched.

We are researching to see if the 5 second window can be extended.

How long will I be able to use the code?

The four-digit code will be active until April 1st, 2017. At that point, you will require a key card to get into the front gate.

How do I get a Key Card?

Key Cards are $10 and available from Membership.  When you renew your membership at the end of 2016, if you do not already have a key card, you will need to include the $10 with your renewal fee and the key card will be mailed to you as your membership card has been in the past.  Or if you are a LIFE member, you will need to send in $10 for a key card.


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