Damariscotta, Maine
Affiliated with the National Rifle Association of America and
Pine Tree State Rifle and Pistol Association



The name of this organization shall be the Lincoln County Rifle Club.


To encourage rifle, pistol and shotgun shooting, with a view toward better knowledge of safe handling

and proper care of firearms; to improve marksmanship; to teach and encourage safety and proficiency in hunting; to protect the right of citizens to keep and bear arms, as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States; and to develop those characteristics of honesty, good fellowship, self-discipline, team play and self reliance which are essentials of good sportsmanship and the foundation of patriotism.



Section 1: There shall be three classes of membership: Annual, Present Life and Honorary Members. Nominations for Honorary Membership shall be given to the Executive Committee. If approved by a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee, a vote of the majority members at the next regular meeting where a quorum is present will be required. There shall be no more than five living Honorary Members at any given time. Only one honorary membership will be considered in any given year.
Honorary Members are exempt from dues, but have any and all privileges of membership. All members must attend a mandatory Range Safety orientation before they are issued a combination to the Club.

Section 2: Any person 18 years of age or older may become an Annual Member of this organization by: (1) sponsorship from a Club Member, (2) submission of a Membership Application Form, (3) payment of the application fee and annual dues (4) completion of the mandatory Range Safety Orientation and (5) by affirmative vote of the majority of the Club Membership present at a regularly scheduled monthly or annual meeting after a minimum of one month has passed from his/her initial Application presentation.

Section 3: Life Members and Honorary Members do not pay annual dues, but do pay Assessment Fees.

Section 4: Applicants who were once members of the Lincoln County Rife Club, but let their membership lapse, may apply (a new application) for re-instatement. By paying the re-instatement fee as described in Article IV, Section 3 and the dues for the current year, and upon retaking the Outdoor Safety Orientation, a current membership card and combination will be issued.


Fees and Dues

Section 1: An Assessment Fee is a special fee required to cover the emergency need for funds. The Executive Committee by a majority vote determines the need for and the amount of the Assessment Fee. The Assessment Fee is paid by all members; Annual/Life and Honorary.

Application Fees are assessed to new applicants applying for Annual Membership.

Re-instatement Fees are paid by Annual Members whose membership has lapsed and who are applying for re-instatement.

Match Fees are assessed to Annual/Life and Honorary Members and nonmembers who participate in a shooting match.

Section 2: The Application Fee for Annual Membership into the Club shall be $20 and is non- refundable. Applications will be held for a maximum of 3 months. Should the Applicant fail to complete the application process within 3 months the application will be returned and the Application Fee will be forfeited.

Section 3: The Re-instatement Fee for Annual Members shall be $30 for members of the NRA and $50 for nonmembers of the NRA. This fee will be applicable after non-payment of dues in the calendar year in which they were payable or a number of years. Proof of past membership may be required. Prior to receiving a current membership card and combination, each applicant must retake the Outside Safety Orientation.

Section 4: Dues are payments by the membership to support the operations of the Club, especially the costs of insurance (e.g., liability, fire, and theft), property taxes, utilities and ordinary maintenance. Dues are paid annually by Annual Members.

Section 5: Dues shall be assessed as agreed upon by two-thirds vote of the Membership present at a monthly or annual meeting. Any increase in dues must be passed by the Membership at least three months prior to the effective date of the increase.

Section 6: Annual dues are payable at the first of the year (January 1). Members who have not paid by March 31st will not be issued a current membership card and combination. If full payment is not received in the current calendar year, they will be dropped from membership. They may be re-instated by following Article III, Section 4 and Article IV, Section 3. New members voted in September, October, or November will pay one-half of the annual dues (rounded up to next full dollar).  New members voted in December will pay full annual dues and will be considered paid for the following year.



Section 1: The Annual Meeting shall be held on the second Monday of December. If for good reason the Annual Meeting is not held as so scheduled, it shall be held as soon as possible and the officers shall continue their duties until relieved. The Annual Meeting shall include the Annual Treasurer’s Report, an Annual Report by Match Directors (Range Officers), a review of the By-Laws and other reports as requested by the President or the Executive Committee.

Section 2: Regular Monthly Meetings for the transaction of ordinary and regular business shall be held on the second Monday of each month, except in December. All meetings except special meetings as noted in Article V, Section 3, shall be held at the Club, unless approved by the Executive Committee and with the membership being notified by email and the information posted on the club’s website.

Section 3: Special meetings of the membership may be held at any time upon call of the President or of the Executive Committee or upon request in writing stating the purpose of the proposed meeting and signed by not less than 5% of the Membership. Notice of the time, place and purpose of the special meeting shall be emailed to all members and posted on the clubs website seven days before the date fixed for such meetings.

Section 4: Eleven of the members present ay any meeting shall constitute a quorum and their decisions, if in accord with these By-Laws, shall be binding upon all members.



Section 1: The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Director, Executive Officer and Instructor are the Executive Officers of the Club and shall constitute the Executive Committee. The Executive Officers shall be elected by majority vote at the Annual Meeting and hold office for one year or until their successors are elected.

The President shall, at the regular meeting three months in advance of the Annual Meeting, appoint a committee of not less than three members who are not currently Executive Officers to assemble a slate of candidate officers for the next year, such slate to be presented to the membership. Nominations to office may be presented from the floor by individual members. In the event of a slate of uncontested nominees, the Secretary can be instructed by a passed motion to cast one vote in favor of the slate of nominees.

The Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Committee and Match Directors (Range Officers). The Match Directors (e.g., IHMSA, IBS, NMLRA, NRA Small Bore, Winter Postal, Single Shot, Trap, Fun Shoots, and Black Powder) as determined by Club activities.

Section 2: The affairs of the Club shall be managed by the Executive Committee, as defined above which shall have general supervision of the activities of the Club. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be at any time at the call of the President, and four members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.

Section 3: The Executive Committee shall meet at least once annually to evaluate the needs of the Club, to review the By-Laws and to propose activities for the good of the Club. It is recommended that this meeting be held at least three months before the Annual Meeting, if an increase in dues is anticipated (see Article IV, Section 5).


Duties of Officers

President: He/she shall preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Executive Committee. He/she shall be a member ex-officio of all regular and special committees, and shall perform all such other duties as usually pertains to the Office and/or as specified in the By-Laws.

Vice President: He/she shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence or by request.

Treasurer: He/she shall have charge of all monies and funds of the Club. He/she shall keep an accurate account of all financial transactions and render a report; at the Annual Meeting, at any meeting of the Executive Committee upon request, and at any other time upon request of the President. He/she shall also make a report at each monthly meeting of financial transactions since the last monthly meeting. He/she shall be responsible for the collection of all fees and dues including those monies from shooting tournaments and matches, and all other events agreed upon and scheduled and conducted by the Club.

Secretary: He/she shall conduct all correspondence except that pertaining to publicity. He/she shall keep a true record of the minutes of all meetings of the Club and of the Executive Committee, and have custody of the books and papers of the Club except the financial records. Minutes of the Annual Meeting, the Executive Committee meetings, and all special and regular meetings shall constitute the official record and history of the Club.

Membership Director: He/she shall keep a complete and up-to-date roster of all members.
He/she is responsible for membership mailings including annual dues notices and email notifications that are important to the membership. He/she shall provide roster updates to the President and to other Executive Officers as requested.

Executive Officer: He/she shall have immediate responsibility for the care and upkeep of the ranges, range equipment, buildings, grounds and any other equipment.

Instructor: He/she shall be responsible for the Indoor/Outdoor Orientation Program and Lead Management Program.

Match Directors (Range Officers): They shall take charge of the ranges during practice and competitive shooting. They shall collect fees, verify target assignments and conduct firing according to the standard commands, rules and practices of the National Rife Association and/or other recognized sporting organizations (e.g., IHMSA, IBS, NMLRA, Pine Tree State Rifle and Pistol Association).


No activities of this Club; intended to promote the purposes of the Club, generate income for the Club,
or permit and provide for use of the Club property and facilities by persons other than Club members may be conducted or allowed unless approved at a regularly scheduled meeting by affirmative vote of members present or by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. Activities may not be scheduled and conducted except following the appointment of a member (Range Officer) who shall be responsible for planning, scheduling and administration thereof. Activities such as but not limited to YMCA, Boy Scouts, Audubon Society, Damariscotta Police, and Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, must present a form listing LCRC as additional insured for the day(s) the range will be used. Said form to be in the hands of the Range Officer in charge before activity begins.


Monies and other tangible assets of the Club may not be expended or diverted from Club ownership and
use except according to the following provisions: Members of the Club who are not Executive Officers may expend up to $50 and Executive Officers may expend up to $250 for the good of the Club. Provided such expenditures are explained and justified to the Executive Committee, President or Club Membership at the next regularly scheduled meeting. Expenditures greater than $250 must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the Executive Committee or by a vote of the membership at a monthly, annual or special meeting.

The clubs primary and preferred method of membership communications is via email and/or posting on the club’s website.


Privileges of Membership
Members in good standing are entitled to use Club facilities and property, giving reasonable and
conscientious care thereof. Members may bring guests, including members of their immediate families, to the Club to use Club facilities. Such guests shall be at all times escorted by the inviting and admitting Club member who shall be fully responsible for the conduct of such guests. The Club shall take no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for guests so invited and admitted. Members may not permit former members, or others, temporary or other possession of combinations to locked facilities of the Club. Executive Committee members may provide temporary combinations to nonmembers for the purpose of heating oil delivery, snow plowing, forest management, or other service related activity conducted for the good of the Club. Nonmembers provided with temporary combinations shall be informed by the individual providing the combination that they cannot discharge firearms at the Club or use any of the facilities for any reason without the presence of a Club member.


Expulsion of Members
Any member whose conduct shall be decided, by a majority vote of the Executive Committee, to have
been injurious to the interests or welfare of the Club shall forfeit his/her membership and rights, but such vote shall not be taken without giving the offender two weeks notice of the charges against him/her and affording him/her an opportunity for a defense. The offender may appeal an adverse decision by the Executive Committee to the Club at a regular monthly meeting, but it shall require a two-thirds vote of those present to reverse the Executive Committee’s decision.


Public Access Policy
The Lincoln County Rifle Club (hereinafter the Club) is a member only organization. Members in good
standing are entitled to use the Club facilities and property as defined in the By-Laws - Article X Privileges of Membership. Range certification is required for all members before being allowed to use the range facilities. For safety, insurance and liability reasons, the range is not open to the general public except as defined.

The Club has a history of opening to the public all Open Activities that are scheduled on the Club’s calendar. Some activities carry fees such as Matches, but are kept low to encourage participation. Whereas other activities, such as Ladies Day, Sight-in Day, and Open House, carry no fees.

The following scheduled activities are for members only: League Events and Members Only Activities. Community Specific Activities are restricted to the group involved, such as; the National Audubon Society; Local and County Law Enforcement personnel qualifications.


Standing Committees

Section 1: The Executive Committee shall appoint Standing Committees. The following Standing Committees shall be appointed each year:

Publicity Chair: He/she shall provide the newspaper and other communication media with publicity concerning the Club.

Historian Chair: He/she shall collect records, news articles, photographs, tape recordings, and other documents and testimonies that are related to the Club and its history. He/she shall organize these materials and store them at the Club or other authorized locations so that they may be available for use. He/she shall work towards publishing a written account of the History of the Club as a permanent document that can be made available to Club members.

Webmaster: He/she shall update the content of and manage the Club’s web site.

Section 2: Additional Standing Committees may be appointed as are deemed necessary to carry on the work of the Club.


Asset Disposition Policy
Upon dissolution, the Members shall immediately proceed to wind up the affairs of the Organization in
accordance with the requirements of the State of Maine and other applicable law. In furtherance of the winding up of the Organization, the Members will:

  • Discharge or make reasonable provision for all liabilities, if any.

  • Distribute any remaining assets of the Organization as promptly as practicable to one or more 501(c)(7)

    of like kind or to a government entity for a like purpose.

  • File Article of Dissolution with the Maine Secretary of State and Notice of Dissolution to the Internal

    Revenue Service.


By-Laws, Adoption and Amendments

Section 1: These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members at any regularly scheduled meeting where a quorum of 21 members shall be necessary, provided that the proposed changes have been announced at least one month prior to the regularly scheduled meeting.

Section 2: The By-Laws are to be reviewed annually by the Executive Committee, and updated in writing if amendments have been approved (see Article XV, Section 1). The updated By-Laws will be posted in the Club House.